hi, i'm crystal widjaja

(I also go by Crissy sometimes.)

I love building and supporting fast-growing teams working on technology products that empower millions of lives. I am also passionate about providing young women with more opportunities to engage in STEM through my non-profit, Generation Girl.

While attending uni at UC Berkeley, I worked 3 jobs at the same time — one of which was at Luvocracy, my first sneak peak into the startup experience. Between 2015 and 2020, I was lucky enough to be one of the first 30 product/eng hires at Gojek. (Gojek does more rides per day than Lyft, more food deliveries than GrubHub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash combined, and is the #1 mobile wallet in Indonesia & across South East Asia. The scale in Asia is HUGE!)

As the first technical data hire, I was responsible for building the analytics, fraud/risk, and product growth teams from 0 to 200 engineers/PMs/analysts that were responsible for growing Gojek from 30,000 transactions a day to more than 10 million transactions a day.

Today, I am angel investing through the Sequoia Scout fund and work with startups across Southeast Asia and the Bay Area on growth strategy, experimentation implementation, and analytics best practices. I'm passionate about uncovering product-market-channel-model fit, building high-leverage analytics foundations, and bridging the gap between marketing and product with my years of consumer market experiences.

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